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For some coming from a selected side, i.e., surfing or yoga, it can be difficult to see the two as a united entity. But if you give it some thought, then these are more aligned, unified, and interconnected with one and other. The ultimate purpose of both activities is to lend a sense of peace to the person, clear their mind, offer patience, strengths, and awareness. Ideally, you should start with yoga sitting on the golden beach near the ocean and when you are done with it, then go surfing right away. This is the right way to do surf and yoga Sri Lanka. 
At Surf camp Sri Lanka you can learn to enhance your surfing performance by exploring the hidden benefits of yoga. But how can this happen? What is the exact science behind it? This is something everyone thinks. Following are some of the amazing benefits of joining the Surfing and yoga camp Sri Lanka;

1. Flexibility

When you perform yoga, first of all, you look for a peaceful place that is away from the usual noise and haphazardness of your routine life. This very choice of venue instills a sense of peace and helps you to clear your mind. When you sit for yoga and start focusing on your breath, taking it in and out in a calculated manner, you are training your muscles to receive as much oxygen as they can and become flexible in doing so. This happens as muscles relax and stretch with this systematic intake of focused breathing. 
This allows them to surf better, such as being able to maneuver their surfing board more easily into whatever direction they want to go. This is because of the increased muscle flexibility due to performing yoga well before going for a surfing session. Performing yoga before surfing also leads to fewer injuries and allows your body to recover quickly.

2. Strength

The Yoga camp in Sri Lanka is all about helping the surfers increase their body strength to unlock their pro-level potential in surfing. If you have surfed before, then you know how hard it can be to manage to stand on your board when an unsettling and crazily powerful wave is headed your way. You need body strength for that and not only for this but also for paddling, moving around in the water, and keeping your balance on the board. 
Performing yoga before a surfing session can lend you that intensity of flexibility and strength that you need. When you perform yoga, your whole body is engaged in this exercise; your back muscles, upper body, including your limbs, are experiencing a state of calm in a yoga session. This makes them more active while surfing and stronger as their use continues throughout your surfing session.

3. Balance

Balance is the key when it comes to surfing. If you can’t stay erect and place yourself onto the board, then the chances are that you will fall more often and wouldn’t be able to continue with surfing. Why not have a preliminary session to strengthen your balance and focus while you are surfing? Yoga can help you with that; when you are holding your breath, it allows you to focus more on the present and your surroundings. This helps to build a sense of focus and balance while surfing, leading to a more successful and fulfilling session in a Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.

Final thoughts

These are some things that tie yoga with surfing and provide us with a direct link between the two. Think of the greater good here; you can perform yoga on the beach and go surfing after a well-attended yoga session without any break between the two. It will definitely increase your focus and help you break some personal bests in your surfing session. Surf and yoga Sri Lanka is definitely a great idea, and you will see the hidden benefits once you engage with it. 
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