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People are taking up surfing as a hobby right and left and unlike other sports where practice makes you perfect surfing requires a dedicated mindset and technique above practice to become competitive. This might be the only sport out there where professionals don’t take kindly to the beginners and are not as helpful and supportive as other sports pros out there. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn about it properly, joining a surfing camp Sri Lanka might be the right step in that direction. 
You will learn about different sports gear, factors to bring into account when choosing a surfing location, how to ride and not be a danger to other surfers. In short, you will learn all there is to learn about surfing through joining an accredited surf camp. Here is a brief guide that will help you to set yourself on the right path;

1. Where to surf

The first thing that you need to get right from the get-go is that you should be able to find yourself a soothing spot where you are to surf. The intensity of waves and being far away from the beach plays an important role in this. Given the fact that you are a beginner, you don’t want to choose something that is too far ahead with strong wave currents. Find a spot where waves are not that gradual and they break slowly. Bury your ego and go to the section of the beach near the ocean where kids are learning if you don’t have any gripping experience of surfing.

2. Watching the surf

Now that you have found yourself a perfect spot for you to surf the next thing is surfing of course. Before jumping onto your board and joining the ocean gives a long 30-minute observatory session to what is going around. Examine where other surfers are paddling out, the point where the waves are breaking and the skill level of the people in the water. It will give you a nice overall idea of things that you need to be on guard for, water-breaking patterns, and more.

3. Be polite with others

Remember that ocean is not a place for anyone to pick a feud with others, it is pretty dangerous as it is you don’t want to be arguing or bottom line rude to others. Be polite especially with the locals because they have been around this space for far too long and know about the ocean and surfing more than you do. Heed their advice with gratitude and make surfing safe for all.

4. Respect the rules

There are general rules out there, ethical points if you may that every beginner and professional should not only understand but practice too. It doesn’t matter if you are from one of the surf camps Sri Lanka or in any other country try to learn these rules to the best of your understanding. The most important of them is the one-person surfs per wave rule.

5. One person surfs per wave

The surfer who is closest to where the wave is going to break has the first priority and should catch it, intervening from behind or center is not only dangerous but unethical too. Indicate your direction to the other surfers too by shouting ‘going left’ or ‘going right’ so they know where you are headed and can change their direction beforehand. These are some of the essentials of surfing that you need to comply with especially if you are a beginner. Start your surfing journey with The Sufer/ Surfer Weligma and leave the rest on us. 

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