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Surfing is a challenging sport, it requires patience, commitment, and above all skill to become an ultimate surfer. There are some unwritten rules, codes of conduct for surfing if you will that every beginner must comply with. This is not only important for their own safety but the safety of other surfers levitating on mighty ocean waves. 
Sri Lanka surf camps enforce surf ethics
Almost all surf camps in Sri Lanka not only comply with these rules but try to enforce them from time to time. As a beginner you also must have complete knowledge of these significant surfing rules, following are the 5 most important for you;

1. Choosing The Right Spot

The first rule of surfing that you need to oblige with is to find a suitable spot for you to surf in. Remember surfing is not a joke and once you are doing it you are completely at the mercy of the ocean and your skill. Choose a spot that you think is safe for you and clearly demonstrates your skillset. Take into account the wind conditions, depth of the spot that you have chosen, wave intensity, and such. Be safe yourself first before you can help others.

2. Avoid The Drop-In

After practicing a bit on the calm waters, a surfer will try to catch the green waves that are consistent and small to be able to surf freely in the ocean. What beginners don’t understand is that others around their spot are trying to do the same. What happens is that people start dropping into the wave which was meant for the surfer closest to the peak which is the first breaking part of the wave. Wait for your turn, avoid making haste, and respect others’ turns.

3. Avoid Other Surfer’s Lines

Take a wider angle when you are trying to paddle yourself into a crashing wave because other surfers are trying to do the same. Go long and wide where the waves aren’t breaking or try to cling with the area where they are few surfers. This is to avoid drop-ins and not to ruin the enjoyment of other surfers ahead of you.

4. Communicate With Other Surfers

Communication is the key not only in surfing but in almost every part of life. Surfing Sri Lanka camps not only promote communication with other surfers but prioritize it too. Communicating with others can help you figure out there direction or which waves they are headed towards so you should cling with some other. Let others know your intentions, the turns that you want to take, and such.

5. Keep Tight Onto Your Board

Usually when the white waves appear (the mighty gigantic waves for pro surfing) most of the beginners would simply throw their board to dive underneath the wave. Don’t do this as it can seriously harm other surfers in your close proximity. The key thing to do here is to hold onto your board firmly because if you do then eventually you will be able to break out of the wave in front of you.

Final thoughts

These are some of the surf ethics that everyone whether a beginner or an experienced surfer should know and comply with. The ocean is not a joke and the only thing that will help you to become better and gain experience is to respect other surfers and cling fast with surfing ethics. Start your surfing journey today with TheSurferWeligama Sri Lanka, to have an impeccable experience.

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