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Regardless of the fact if you are a beginner, a professional, or just in between choosing the right surfboard is extremely important to your success as a surfer. The building of knowledge such as choosing a surfboard on the basis of the wave intensity and different surfing situations is going to take some time but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing the right surfboard right now. 


Multiple Sri Lanka surf camps offer surfers a choice of choosing their own surfboard based on their personal interests, surfing level, and other such factors. But if you want to do it right as choosing a surfboard is the most elementary thing for a surfer starting on its own surfing journey then the following are a few factors for you to consider;

Skill level

If you are just starting out you would do just fine with a beginner’s surfing board on the other hand if you are a professional then you need more diverse options. The specs of a beginner’s surfing board are that it should be7-8 feet in length, 22-23 inches wide and 3 inches thick. This configuration provides you with a surfing board that is broad enough to offer the stability and floating that you require. You can then begin to refine your surfboard as time goes and as you continue to learn new skills.

Fitness level

The choice of a surfing board is also extremely influenced by the overall fitness level of the surfer. If you can maintain good stamina then you need a less broad board because you can manage yourself well out there on the waves as compared to someone who used to surf previously but has not done so in many years. This person has definitely lost his stamina along with the core skill set to be facilitated with the pro board lineup.

Height and weight of the surfer

The height and wave of the rider also play an important role in determining which surfboard will work best for you. If you have a long height but a manageable weight then you will do just fine with a slightly less board and periodically long surfboard. On the other hand, if weight is more and height is only fine then get yourself a broad board to have all the floatation and stability on the waves. Surf camps in Sri Lanka offer specific guidelines in this regard.

Your preferred wave type

This is the most intense factor that will help you determine what kind of surfboard you actually want. Your favorite wave types can be more than one and depending on the beach that you are surfing in and the weather conditions you might need a whole set of surfing boards, to begin with. If the waves are catching height such as at 3-6 feet then you are going to need a high-performing shortboard that can fit itself well into the wave pocket. On the other hand, if the waves are calm but consistent then a broad board will help you to gain more stability and consistent gliding at the surface of the wave.

Best surfing camp in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Sri Lanka proposes its own specific challenges and things that will require time for you to get a grip on but with our surf camp in Sri Lanka on your side you can come on top of these challenges pretty easily. The Surfer Sri Lanka is one of the more reputed surf camps in Sri Lanka that allows you to get proper direction into the world of surfing, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already have an understanding of the art our surf camp in Weligama will help you become a better surfer. 

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