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There is always a price to pay, a compromise that needs to be done when you want something and want to achieve it with your whole heart. The same is true for surfing or any other sport out there, you want to get better at it. 
You would have to practice the hardest and of course, there is a timeframe following which you will be able to see a clear distinction in terms of your performance boosted and your skills developed. But as a beginner or intermediate surfer you can get better instantly at surfing if you would just following the following exceptional ways that are also preached time and again by the Sri Lanka surf camp;

Employ better equipment

If you are using a surfboard that wobbles around as soon as it catches an active current in the ocean then you have to change it with a broader and better alternative. You simply can’t get better at something without the use of proper equipment and the same is the case with surfing. Don’t try to skimp money on this aspect because it can prove to be a life-saving element for you especially if you are way away from the shore and the wave suddenly choose to die down, a broader and better board will be able to carry you through.

Be a bit flexible

You don’t need to stand tall on your surfboard trying to surf through mighty waves. Some people do just that because they are either inexperienced or are suffering from severe stiffness in the legs, hips, and lower body. Whatever the reason might be try your best to lean a bit and remain flexible because this is the only way you will be able to have some sense of control and focus while riding that surfboard.

Work on your fitness

You need to be in tip-top condition fitness-wise if you wish to surf like a pro. It goes without saying that surfing is a charged sport which means that you would have to move around quickly, perform certain actions in the blink of an eye, and be extremely energetic in all takes of the sport, or otherwise you won’t be able to get better. Try slapping together a fitness regime, a few squats, lumberjacks, sit-ups, pushups, and a keen focus on your diet will help you to better prepare for the hard and dry routine of surfing.

Warm yourself up before engaging in an active session

Surf camps Sri Lanka will advise you time and again that you must warm yourself up before engaging yourself in an active session. It will allow you to catch a proper break with your body, vitals and just gets you in the momentum. Don’t fret even if you have missed a few waves while you were warming up as this way you will be able to engage at a better note with those that you manage to catch. Squatting, jumping, twisting and pushups are all great ways, to begin with, a pre-surfing fitness challenge.

Develop a proper rhythm

Now that you have done everything that was required of you to get on with the surfing and are finally getting ready to catch an eccentric wave, try your best to follow a proper rhythm or you are going to mess it all up. Sometimes you would approach the breaking wave all too excited and will lose balance causing you to thrash into the water and resulting in excessive anxiety that you are doing something wrong. 
You are not doing anything wrong surfing Sri Lanka is a bit harder especially if you are not in your element and relaxed and most importantly lack a proper rhythm, have all of that and more inline to make sure that you rock eccentrically on the waves that welcome you in the bright blue ocean. 

Dive right in!

We, the sun and the Indian Ocean are waiting for you!

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