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If you ever wanted to be free like truly liberated in every sense of the world then there is nothing more auspicious than taking up surfing. When you are up there, glistening on the mighty ocean’s tide and coming down strong towards the shore it feels like every happy moment of your life has accumulated at this one event, at surfing.

Surfing is rewarding but when you practice safety

If done right surfing can be rewarding both in terms of physical exercise and practicing the internal calm that you will feel stepping off of the ocean. But at the same time, there are things that you must do to ensure not only the safety of others but yours too. A small miscalculated fluke in the ocean could lead to catastrophic events that is why it is better to be on guard and practice the safety parameters provided to you during training in surfing camp Sri Lanka. To give you a revision on the whole thing following are the three most important safety essentials that you as a beginner must hold onto;

1. Protect others and self

The first thing that you need to learn is to protect yourself and then the others because without personal safety you can’t do anything about the others. As a beginner you are going to fall repeatedly off of your board, get used to the feeling. When you are falling into the water take your arms up and cover your head because you can never know what is under the water and what you might hit. 
It could be a pointy rock, your own board, or some other floating thing passing by. That is why always try to cover your head when you are about to take a fall. Another thing to remember is to never let go of your board, stick to it as you mean it. Try using a foot leash or strap and strapping it onto the surfboard because if the board gets away from you then it could hit other surfers causing a wave of panic in the open water. Try to remain intact with your board at all times.

2. You should be fit enough

You don’t need to be a husk or a weightlifting champion to be able to surf, the only thing that is asked of you here is that your general fitness level allows you to be on water fighting the waves. Surfing is an extremely demanding aerobic exercise that is going to take a lot away from you in terms of stamina so make sure you have plenty. Other than that your chest and arms should be strong enough for the sake of pedaling and of course, you must know about swimming, these are the things that you might come across during your lessons at the Surf camp Sri Lanka.

3. Plan your entry and exit in the ocean

It is essential to narrow down beforehand your entry and exit from the water and this must be done while you are still on the beach. This is important for two reasons, first, you have to ensure that the path that you are choosing to enter and exit doesn’t disturb other surfers or bring out the possibility of you running into them and causing hurt. Secondly, it is important to have a lay of the land to ditch the spaces where the chances of a strong current are imminent or where there are a lot of rocks and you fear stumbling over there. So, it is best to grab a clear itinerary of how you plan to enter and exit the water to ensure the safety of everyone around you including yourself too.  

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