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5 health benefits of surfing that are just out of this world

When talking about the health benefits of an outdoor activity surfing seldom comes to mind. But it offers a variety of physical and mental benefits as well. Not only is it healthy but it offers peace of mind to the person while allowing people to be able to get together with friends and family. You don’t have to be a professional for surfing just a little know-how of the activity will suffice. Sri Lanka surf camp arranges regular events and exercises regarding surfing so you can check them out for details. Anyway following are some of the extreme surfing benefits;

  1. Boosts your cardiovascular health

The direct benefit of surfing Sri Lanka is that you get a massive boost to your cardiovascular health. Surfing on waves is no easy feat, it requires immense stamina and exertion of energy. Your cardiovascular activity increases during surfing as the heart have to supply blood to the body in a fast fashion, this, in turn, strengthens your cardiovascular system. Your breathing also gets regulated during this exercise which prepares you to take on any strenuous activity in the future. 

  1. Relives stress

Surfing is a game-changer for those surfing with chronic anxiety and stress. It allows you to be able to connect with nature, the ocean, and more importantly yourself. You don’t have to struggle with surfing if you don’t want to, simply relax, lay back on the board, and enjoy the scenery.      

  1. Improved body flexibility

As waves toss you around during surfing you will be able to see a lot of flexibility, twists, and turns with your body which will evidently increase your stretching capacity. This helps in improving the overall mobility of your body, so not only do you get immense health benefits with surfing, gets to tone down your stress levels but at the same time improve the mobility of your body. 

  1. Leg and core strength

Hour-long surfing is equivalent to an hour-long session of squats, jumps, and burpees and anyone would know that staying a whole hour with the leg workout is not an easy task to pull. When you are surfing you are constantly mounted to your board which in turn is getting immense tension from the water, your chest remains pressed to the floor and this contributes to your overall leg strengthening and shaping the lower body. Not only legs but your abdomen is also exerted in this whole exercise as the muscles in the abdomen keep you properly balanced on the surfboard which develops them in the long run.

  1. Vitamin D intake

This is kind of obvious with surfing that you are getting enough sunshine which means that your Vitamin D requirement gets fulfilled. Vitamin D is an extremely significant vitamin that is not produced within the body and is responsible for regulating the calcium and phosphorous content of the blood thus strengthening your bones. All the fresh air that you breathe and the sunlight that your body is soaking up is making you more active and healthy every passing second. 

Final Thoughts

It might look a little odd at first, choosing surfing over every other sport out there but when you get into it you will not want to try anything else. You get a full-body workout in a single surfing session, have the most joyous time of your life with the waves, and most importantly you get to be free and with nature. So, in a way you are nailing this; having your fun and getting healthy, all at the same time.      

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